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Small clinics are the backbone of medical care in rural Kenya. ChangeOneLife is helping two dispensaries in rural western Kenya, near Lake Victoria, to complete needed renovations and secure crucial medical supplies. These clinics are the front line of defense against diarrhoeal diseases, malaria, and HIV/AIDS.

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AFRICA. Big, beautiful, suffering Africa.

A continent filled with hopeful people.

A people wracked by unrelenting pain.

African healthcare resources are overwhelmed. Personal suffering is multiplied by famine, wars, AIDS, and the lack of preventive medicines. Click on one of our People in Need and Change One Life. Provide the healthcare someone needs to survive and thrive.

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Urgent Medical Needs

Miracles Awaiting

Eyes without sight. Missing limbs. Numbing pain. Africa's healthcare resources are limited but its healthcare needs are not. Give so that those with debilitating diseases and disabled bodies can know the miracle of good health.

Profiles of People in Need

Mother's Milk Project

A mother's greatest joy is her new baby. An HIV-positive mother's greatest fear is passing on her infection to her child. The Mother's Milk Project provides free infant formula to children born to HIV-positive mothers in Kenya.

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AIDS Alive Projects

Courage At Work

AIDS continues to ravage sub-Saharan Africa. In many countries, over 30% of the adult population is infected with HIV. In Kenya, ChangeOneLife works with Presbyterian missionary, Dr. Salvador de la Torre to identify and fill gaps in AIDS prevention and care services. Your gift saves lives and slows the spread of this deadly epidemic.

Mothers Milk Project

Girl Empowerment Retreats (Starting Winter 2009)

AIDS Orphan Walk (Planned Spring 2009)

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